Bromley is perfect for families

Deciding what to do with investment properties can be tricky. Fortunately Finefair is here to help. We can provide a service to suit any kind of needs. Many investors only look at private letting. We give them another option though with the best council leasing Bromley has available. Therefore they can decide which is right for them.

The best suburbs for families in London tend to have the fastest connections to the centre of the city. Bromley is a perfect example. Although it is Zone 5 it takes less time to commute to Victoria than many locations in Zone 2. There are several train stations to choose from, including easy links to Canary Wharf.

What else stands out?

Bromley has practically everything a family could want. First off there are above average schools in the area, including primary, secondary, and grammars. This means that families can stay local for many years.

Secondly the area has lots of fantastic amenities. There is a local shopping centre, the Glades, with lots of shops and restaurants. A local market is held three times a week for people who want fresh produce. In addition there are cafes and delis in the area.

Families also love the open space in the Borough. Church House Gardens is central and has some great facilities. On top of this there is Queens Gardens, Bromley Palace Park and Martin’s Hill Park.

Staying power

People who live in the area are likely to stay for the long term. There is a strong rental market, especially in Bromley South. Prices here are quite affordable and the local station means fast connections to Central London.

The housing stock gives people lots of opportunities to move up the ladder. There are flats perfect for young professionals and couples. In addition there are a lot of 20s and 30s homes plus Edwardian cottages. First time buyers like the location because of the affordable prices.

At Finefair we work to give investors the very best experience. Our services are bespoke to suit their specific needs. As a result we cater to their exact specifications. When it comes to guaranteed rent, property management or council leasing Bromley has nobody better.

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