A wave of building in Camden is helping the community

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There are a number of projects involving council-led building in Camden of late. An example of this is St John’s Wood flats in NW6, just a part of a current wave of investing in the community.

The New Golden Age Of Camden

The 60s and 70s were an important time in London in regards to its housing history. During this period, the architecture department of Camden council were leading the way through their work. This included offering premier social housing alongside designs for low-rise concrete estates. Some of these have gone on to become listed. An example of this is the stunning Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury.

However rules introduced by Margaret Thatcher resulted in the council no longer being able to build new homes. Now though, there is the Community Investment Programme. The purpose of this is to sell land and bulldoze estates within Camden to raise over £1 billion.

What This Means

At this moment in time, the building of over 3,000 flats is under way. Many of them will be on sale on the open market. An example within The Camden Collection is NW6 Abbey Road Cross.

Containing 75 private flats, its location is north of St John’s Wood and close to a busy junction and train tracks. The design by Architects Pollard Thomas Edwards is unique, creating a selection of linked apartment blocks. They make use of both kiln-fired red and smoked blue bricks. These flats have their own balconies and 28 floor plans with distinctive layouts.

Despite being private sales, the income will go back into the local community. This includes through new social housing, schools and other facilities. In addition, it will help to improve public and green space.

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