Discussions underway for new housing blocks in Brent

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New Proposals

The planning committee of Brent Council is currently looking at whether to approve the development of 3 new schemes. The first idea involves a build in Byron Road, North Wembley. This is the location that was formerly the home of garages. It would provide the area with a terrace of three, two-storey, one-bedroom homes.

There is some argument over the idea. This is because despite many seeing it as a great use of the available land, others believe it would make the area feel cramped. It is however permissible in planning terms and would be beneficial for the location.

Another development is in Harlesden Road at the rear of Parkfield Road. This would create a two-storey block, home to two new flats. Despite perceived parking issues, people believe that it will bring a further boost to the area.

The third project that building officers are considering has two stories which contain five homes. With similar concerns to the second plan, it will add quality housing to the area.

All three plans look as though they will go through and add to the ever growing area. Developments like this make the Borough a stunning place to keep an eye on.

Are You Thinking Of Investing?

Brent is home to great transport links. This large suburb in North West London is also a premier place to shop and offers plenty to see, including Wembley Stadium. Bordering with other popular hotspots, it is an attractive and diverse location. It has also undergone various regeneration projects over the years.

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