Plenty of properties ripe for the picking

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Recent reports reveal that more than 1,400 Bexley homes have no inhabitants. This is a stark number when there is such high demand for housing in the capital.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government had another revelation to share. Hundreds of these vacant structures have not had occupants for at least six months. In October of 2017, Bexley had 1,469 empty houses. Of all these buildings, the Ministry counted 475 of them as long-term vacancies.

An improving situation

In truth, the last few years have seen the issue of empty houses in Bexley actually improve. In 2008, Bexley had 2,123 vacancies. This was the year when the number of available properties hit its highest across the nation. Last October over 600,000 homes were empty across all of England. More than a third were long-term vacant.

A representative from Bexley Council did speak about the vacancy situation. They spoke about how the council is attempting to bring the homes back into use. Members are actively persuading owners to get in touch. They want them to assist with maximising the available housing stock. Arrangements can even be made for properties that need renovation.

Lots of opportunity

With so many vacant properties there is plenty of investment potential. The demand in the area remains very high because prices are still far behind Central London. Because the Borough has good transport connections it is somewhere commuters want to live. A lot of them will be willing to invest, even if it involves renovation.

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