Parents are moving for the future of their children

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There’s one main reason why many London parents are choosing to move; because they want to secure places at decent schools for their children. Over the next four years, predictions point to London’s population increasing by 12%. As a result, the competition to reside in catchment locations of top state secondary schools is enormous.

A decade ago, a parent’s primary concern would’ve probably been connectivity to work. However, the education of their children takes priority these days.

A new school

Barnet’s own education scene has quite a lot going on at the moment. The local council gave planning permission to construct a 1,200-pupil academy school. It will go on the site of what was once Underhill Stadium. This is Barnet Football Club’s former home.

Such an addition is something Barnet’s inhabitants will need. Redrow is currently erecting Colindale Gardens. It includes 6,000 new homes on a 47-acre site. This is one stage of a £1.2 billion renovation for the area. It is six and a half miles away from Queen Elizabeth’s School. Last year, they recorded the third best GCSE results in the entire country. Additionally, it’s a mere four miles away from Henrietta Barnet School. This is another one with a great reputation.

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