Barking and Dagenham remains the best area for first time buyers

Estates and blocks are the most difficult properties to manage. However, there is an opportunity to save money if you can get a reliable company to look after everything. Finefair is the perfect team to work with. We have the ability to scale our services so they suit any needs. As a result we are the top choice for estate management Barking and Dagenham has.


Estate management Barking and DagenhamOne of the things we talk about quite often is affordability and how housing in London is out of the price range for most buyers. However, new data from Post Office Money shows that the capital is actually more affordable than some cities in the UK. This is because the average household income is much higher.

The average home in London costs £538,000. However, the average income for first time buyers is an impressive £79,800. As a result around 20% of properties in the capital are “affordable”. In comparison, several local authorities had zero homes that would be accessible to people on the average income. This includes Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, and Warwick.

Barking and Dagenham was by far the most affordable area in London. The average house price here is £310,000. Because of the huge average first time buyer income in the city, a fantastic 95% of homes in the Borough were accessible.

On a national level, three areas were 100% affordable to first time buyers when you consider average household income. The three are: Blackpool (£110,000 average house price and £40,053 income), Lincoln (£149,000 and £40,913) and Kingston Upon Hull (£115,000 and £38,665).

Property management

Investors can rely on Finefair to help them find and manage assets. We have a wealth of experience and keep an eye on the markets all across London. More importantly, we work with professionals who can offer first rate maintenance. As a result we can provide the very best services. This includes the highest quality estate management Barking and Dagenham can offer.

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