A wonderful suburban area with great housing stock

Woodford is one of the most popular places to live in the Borough of Redbridge in north east London. It is a prosperous suburb with lots of green spaces and fantastic commuter links to the centre of the city. The area has a great deal of character and there are plenty of good schools nearby for families.

The great thing about Woodford is it feels like an area made up of a collection of smaller villages close together. This is a really unique feeling, especially in London. It gives each area a sense of togetherness and community that residents really appreciate.

The housing stock in the area is impressive too. It is typical of a suburban area, featuring a mix from various eras. You can find detached, semi-detached and terraced houses in the Victorian and Edwardian styles as well as those from the twenties and thirties. Alongside these there are some newer builds as well, including flats for those not looking for a larger home.

Many of the larger properties in Woodford are remnants of the days when the area was favoured by wealthy merchants from the city. They chose to build homes in the suburbs because there was more space and greenery. They could also enjoy the peace and quiet whilst also being able to reach the centre of the city in a timely manner when they needed to.

Redbridge offers many opportunities for properties investors as a result of the diverse housing stock and the reputation of the area. At Finefair we have long served clients who own homes in the area, delivering first rate services to suit their needs.

One service we offer in Redbridge is estate management. This is a great example of how hard we work to deliver the best possible value to our clients. It sees us manage several properties in an area for them, ensuring that each is maintained to the highest standard. If the homes are in a shared building we can also look after public areas. In both cases we will deliver a cost effective solution, potentially saving you a great deal on upkeep and management.

If you would like further information about homes in Redbridge or our services please contact us.