The many investment opportunities within Newham

The London Borough of Newham is situated 5 miles east from the main city and is situated north of the River Thames. The motto of the borough from the coat of arms is “Progress with the People”, something we believe to be true. With the excellent property prices and the employment opportunities, it is the ideal place for investments.

Property prices in Newham are below London’s average but are rising at an impressive rate. This is providing to be quite an attractive prospect for investors. The prices had risen by 23.4% during the period between 2014-2015, the highest rise in all of London’s boroughs during this time. These statistics suggest that the regenerations and investments that have been in play since the 2012 Olympics have been paying off for.

Newham holds the distinction of being the only inner city borough to boast its own airport; the London City Airport. The site acts as Newham’s biggest private employer. It aims to make certain that at least 70% of the jobs at the airport are performed by residents in the local labour catchment area, offering great opportunity for local people. In addition, it also seeks to encourage airport employers to fill their vacancies with residents from the Borough and it provides a list of those employers to the LBN so the council can do the same.

The Borough has a huge proportion of employment within small and medium establishments of less than 200 individuals. This shows how popular the area is for SMEs. When compared to the London average, the proportion of employment in the public sector is also really high.

At Finefair we have extensive experience in finding people their ideal properties. Property investment after all is a huge step to take and as such, you will want the services of a reliable company to help guide you throughout the whole process. If Newham has taken your interest and you have decided to purchase a property here, we are the company to call for advice and professional services.