Improving standards on the streets of Merton and in public spaces

In July the London Borough of Merton reported that they had engaged in a huge project to capture data regarding the physical assets on the streets and in public spaces around the area. The aim was to utilise the information to ensure these assets were managed properly, improving their quality as a result. It is believed that this is the largest project of its type ever conducted by a local authority in the UK.

To capture the data vehicles with mounted cameras were utilised alongside handheld devices carried by operatives on foot. Both worked their way around the Borough, gathering highly accurate data. This will be collated and used to create a strategy for managing the assets.

In total data about close to two million assets was gathered. These were broken down into 12 asset types and a further 102 subsets to group them according to features. Everything from CCTV cameras to trees and even road markings were included.

The data will allow much better management, leading to improved integration and higher quality management. As a result standards will be improved substantially, providing big benefits to those people who live or work in the Borough as well as visitors.

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