The largest regeneration project in Lewisham

Lewisham Gateway is one of the biggest developments in the Borough. The site was formerly a roundabout but this piece of transport infrastructure actually worked to divide the town centre and caused a barrier to regeneration. The project was designed to remove the roundabout, rework the road system and redevelop the site.

The Gateway project will include the creation of two mixed use towers as well as open public areas. The current plan is for the towers to rise 15 and 25 storeys respectively. In total the structures would create up to 193 new homes. The ground floor properties would be reserved for retail spaces, allowing the creation of new shops and cafes for the area.

The project has been split into two phases. The first of these is nearing completion, including a lot of work on the towers. The second will begin shortly in the space currently taken up by the road network.

Although work is currently underway and the current plans have received strong backing, the developers are looking at making a few changes. They are considering altering the size of the towers, the approved usages, and the size of the public space. The aim is to create even more new homes on the site. It will be interesting to see if the ideas are accepted and the plans changed.

At Finefair we keep a close eye on regeneration projects like Lewisham Gateway. We do this because the investments are a good sign that the property market is still healthy. On top of this the new homes created can offer a great deal of opportunities for both types of buyers; owner occupiers and investors. We serve both of these and aim to help them find the perfect homes.

One service we are very happy to offer in Lewisham is council leasing. This allows landlords to let their properties with the local housing authority. There are big advantages to this including a guaranteed rental income for the duration of the lease. Many investors choose this option and we are very happy to help arrange it.