Lambeth’s rising standards of living

Located in South London, Lambeth is one of the Central Boroughs. While the area has a rather big population density, opportunities to purchase investment properties do exist and it is these that we aim to provide to our clients.

About two years ago, the Lambeth council invested £490m to improve the social housing and get 21,000 people on the waiting list a home. This was a record investment for them after they took back the duties of housing services from their management organisation, Lambeth Living.

The investment had the aim of bringing thousands of homes up to living standards. These state that all residential houses must be dry, warm and safe, must be maintained well and have modern facilities that are reasonable. The decision to reintegrate the housing services back to the council came as the result of Lambeth Living’s contract being due to expire. At the time it was the largest investment in social homes in the country.

Having been in business since 2008, Lambeth Living had the goal of accessing the Government’s Decent Home funding and after achieving this, control of the housing services went back to the council. During the period between 2013 and 2014, they invested £91 million in homes. This included bringing almost 2000 of them up to the Government’s Decent Home Standard. The following year, it was planned to have a further 5,427 homes renovated by having new kitchens and bathrooms installed.

At Finefair we are really pleased to see the amount of effort being put into improving the standards of living in Lambeth. We contribute towards this with our services to landlords across the area, helping them to meet the living standards and ensure their properties are well managed. We offer a range of services including block management, guaranteed rent and even council leasing. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer and the benefits please contact us.