Speculation or planning; which investment strategy do you choose?

Property investment creates a very interesting paradox when it comes to prices. Investors want to purchase properties that offer the best possible returns. Many people would feel that this will involve choosing an area where the values are rising. This can be the case but it also means they need to pay more to buy the property in the first place. This can increase their outlay and eat into the profits.

A second option is to look at areas where prices are sliding downwards. This can offer the opportunity to secure a property for a really great price. In the longer term the values may start to rise again, providing the potential for even bigger returns.

The latter option takes careful planning, forward thinking and a great deal of patience. The best time to invest is when the prices start to rebound and begin climbing again. This means the price is on the right track rather than risking falling more. You should also keep an eye out for other projects in the area that can stimulate prices. Regeneration projects, new building and even the job opportunities in the area can increase values.

At Finefair we have spent many years working closely with investors involved in the property market. In that time we have seen all kinds of strategies utilised including speculation and very careful planning. This has given us a huge amount of knowledge to share with our clients. We can help them to select the right strategy and select the correct investment properties.

Kingston Upon Thames is an attractive area for investors looking for their next investment properties. Prices in the area have slipped down over the last few months but the long term outlook for the area is very good. The area also has a good rental market with a large number of tenants thanks to the university. This means you can enjoy a good rental income and look to long term price rises.

If you need a helping hand finding investment properties in Kingston Upon Thames you can call on us for advice and a professional service.