Maximizing Yield Through Estate Management Services

This might be stating the obvious, but we feel that it’s something that is worth bearing in mind – the ultimate purpose of any property investment is to generate as high a level of financial return as possible for the investor. In terms of this, there are many who would suggest that property investments then become speculative – or in stronger terms a gamble – as surely it’s the case that market forces determine what value is gained more so than any actions that the investor takes to grow the value. Whilst it’s certainly true that the market, in particular the relative level of demand, does dictate the overall value, it would be inaccurate to suggest that this alone is the only way in which investors can gain returns.

A key facet of our work in respect of estate management in Kensington and Chelsea is to seek ways which maximise the ability of an investment portfolio to generate returns which meet expectations. The average yield on a property in the Borough is 3.8% based on data from Portico. Our services exist to ensure that your property has the capacity to achieve above and beyond the market indicators.

Giving insights into how we achieve this is quite difficult, as we provide services in terms of the unique requirements of our clients and individual properties. In broad terms, however, our estate management sees us address all cost aspects associated with a property and ensure that they are at the optimal level. These costs can range from maintenance requirements through to utility supply charges.

Securing the maximised yield on a property is not as straightforward as ensuring the highest level of rental income is achieved. You have to be very mindful of not allowing costs to erode the net income. Our services put you in this ideal position, making the best use of resources and allowing for a fixed return to be achieved irrespective of the prevailing market conditions.