Islington Property Delivers Consistent Performance Results

There are a number of factors which are presently influencing the outlook and perspective people have in regards of the future of the London property market. Whilst this is causing some fluctuations in the market, demand for living space in the capital remains so high that certain areas appear to be all but immune to being affected by any shocks. A key area in which this is clearly visible is Islington.

Demand for the investment properties Islington offers has been consistently high for several years. The average increase in value in the area has grown by some 37% over the last five years, compared to a central London average of around 12% over the same period. We know that sometimes figures can be misleading or seem distorted depending on the time frame used. This isn’t the case with Islington, however. If one limits the period to the last year, properties in the Borough increased in value by an average of just under 3%, whereas the average across London fell by 2.3%.

Earlier we mentioned that a number of factors are currently having an effect on the London property market. In truth it’s the case that this has always been the case, with one matter or another being linked to a rise or fall in prices. Understanding which parts of the capital are not generally affected by these fluctuations is an important consideration for all property investors. It would be fair to say that, even just on the basis of this broad overview, Islington is an area which meets this criteria.

We’ve built our peerless reputation for property services in London by both sharing important knowledge like this and acting upon it. With us you can work with a lettings agent with an unparalleled knowledge of Islington. The comprehensive services we offer are always focused on achieving what you want to in market. Whether your requirements are based on long or short term success we have the knowledge, the ability and the resources to reach the anticipated results.