A very reasonable London borough

Situated in the West of the capital, the Borough of Hounslow forms part of Outer London. Despite being situated in a city known as one of the most expensive in the world, the area is rather reasonably priced and can offer some big opportunities for all kinds of buyers.

House prices have been so good here in the last year that there has been some incredible interest in many schemes. In fact on one night over 160 people queued up to register interest in new-build flats that were due to go on sale. Since the flats started at £199,000 and the deposits from £1,000, it was clear that the Trinity Square development scheme had the potential to offer value for first time buyers and investors too.

Nine rather hopeful first-time property buyers had queued overnight to purchase one of the 228 studios and one-bedroom apartments that were to be sold on a first-come first-served basis. With the average London house prices being what they are, it came as no surprise that the demand for housing well below this figure was immensely high.

Buyers at Trinity Square were securing homes that were off-plan and sold at market value. Once they reach their completion, which is due to happen in 2017, their value is expected to rise. Not everyone went through with their deals, but this turned out to be a silver lining for those on the reserve list. These individuals, although they missed out the first time, were given a second chance to buy at a later date.

At Finefair we have an extensive amount of knowledge about the property market in Boroughs all over London. We understand that all buyers will have a lot of questions and may be apprehensive about making major property decisions. Rest assured though that we are here to support everyone fully throughout the whole process and will answer questions at any stage.

On top of this we offer ongoing support for landlords in Hounslow, providing services including property management. This means you can put your assets in our hands, ensure they are looked after effectively and expect a good income from them.