Investing in areas with happy residents

When it comes to choosing an area to purchase investment properties in a good thing to look at is how happy the residents are. This can give you a great insight into what the location has to offer. Areas with happier residents also tend to have higher demand.

In a recent survey by Rightmove it was revealed that Richmond Upon Thames was home to the happiest residents in London. The online property expert asked people from all across the capital their thoughts on everything in their home Borough from safety and transportation to how friendly their neighbours are. The findings were used to pinpoint which areas are the best. Richmond came out on top.

Richmond has always been very attractive to affluent residents thanks to the wonderful lifestyle it can offer. The Borough is filled with green spaces, architectural delights and leisure options ranging from riverside pubs to boutique shops. On top of this there are many incredible Georgian and Victorian homes in the area.

A big selling point with the Borough is the fact that people living in the area can reach Waterloo and Central London in as little as twenty minutes. The first train station in the area opened in 1846, giving those people who wanted to escape the crowds of Central London the chance to make their home here but still commute with ease.

It is not just individuals who look to target Richmond Upon Thames. Recently a number of national and international internet companies have established offices in the area. This has had a big impact, helping to attract a younger demographic and increasing demand for homes.

At Finefair we can help all of our clients to find the perfect investment properties. We offer advice about areas, amenities and all other factors that have an impact on values and demand. Prices in Richmond Upon Thames may be high but homes are always highly desired. The results that the residents in the area are the happiest in London will help retain demand too.