Why should you invest in Canada Water?

Canada Water, Southwark saw gentrification in the 80s following the closure of the docklands. As part of this a large portion of the dock was infilled. The development led to the creation of new low-rise housing, a shopping centre, and a wildlife reserve. An extension of the Jubilee Line in 1999 added a station and increased connectivity.

Modern development

The plan for the area received praise at the time but developments have not aged very well. This has led to a second wave of redevelopment. Over the next 15 years the area will transform, seeing the creation of new housing, amenities, and open spaces.

British Land is in charge of a £2billion project in the area. They aim to submit plans to Southwark Council’s planning committee in spring 2018. If permission is granted construction on a brand new town centre for the area can begin later in the year.

In addition to this there are many other plans in the works. For example King’s College London is is building a new £400million campus in the area and student housing. In addition there will be numerous new flats on Quebec Way. The Decathlon site will create 1,000 homes and all kinds of amenities, including a new cinema, health centre, and sports facilities.

A good property mix

The property scene in this part of Southwark is very interesting. There are still plenty of 80s and 90s low rise homes to choose from. On top of this there are new developments of flats, homes, and warehouse conversions too.

The big advantage Canada Water has to offer is the easy connectivity to Canary Wharf and the City. This makes it the perfect destination for people who work in these areas but want to live outside of them.

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