Living in Richmond Upon Thames could be good for your health

Richmond Upon Thames is a popular Borough for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that it is remarkably rural whilst still providing great amenities and transport links. This is ideal for many buyers, whether it is families or retirees.

Healthy residents

Living in the area is also good for the health of residents. This was shown by Office for National Statistics (ONS) data from 2014 to 2016. The stats show that the Borough has the highest healthy life expectancy for men in the whole of the UK. In addition, women in the area scored higher than any other location in the capital.

The average healthy life expectancy for men in Richmond Upon Thames is an impressive 69.9 years. Women scored slightly higher with 70 years. In both cases the Borough was slightly ahead of their neighbours Kingston Upon Thames. Bromley in South East London claimed the third spot on both lists.

Living close to green open spaces naturally encourages more healthy living. It offers plenty of advantages including better air quality and more opportunities to get outside. Greenery is great for emotional wellbeing as well as physical. It can improve mood, focus, and also reduces stress.

Plenty of parks

No matter where you choose to live in the Borough it is likely you will be within touching distance of a park. There are plenty of iconic ones to choose from including Richmond, Bushy, Hampton Court, and Marble parks. In addition the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew is in the area.

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