Redbridge is an improving area

Affordability may be the main reason people continue to explore the investment properties Redbridge has to offer. That doesn’t mean price the only thing the draws people to the area though. There are plenty of other things that make the area an attractive place to live.

Improving the streets

Recently Redbridge Council announced that they would be doing more to boost civic pride in the Borough. As part of this teams will start a programme of street cleansing in April. The aim is to make sure that streets in the area are cleaner, safer, and more importantly greener. Residents will even be offered more advice disposing of waste and recycling.

Another thing the local council revealed recently was plans to fund residential street patrols. The Community Safety Fund is designed to help tackle anti-social behaviour and other types of criminal activity in the area. The funding will help to get locals involved, paying for training and equipment so they can be more active in their communities.

New amenities

Earlier in March it was also revealed that Redbridge Council had made a decision on where a new pool and gym will be located. A site at Wanstead High School has been chosen. This will give local residents access to new, high quality facilities when it is finished. Two additional pools have also been completed in the Borough recently. They are located at Loxford and Mayfield. The latter will open later in 2018.

A dockless bicycle scheme was also recently launched in Redbridge. With it people can hire one of 250 bikes from one of a number of cycle parking locations. All they need is a smartphone app and they can hire a bike. It costs as little as 50p for half an hour.

As you can see there is plenty to offer in the Borough. This makes it a good option if you are looking at investing in property. Finefair can help with that, offering support with every aspect of the process. We are proud to be one of the best teams for finding the best investment properties Redbridge has to offer.

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