Space and great amenities in Wallington, Sutton

Like many other suburban towns Wallington owes its development to the arrival of the railway. As London expanded in the Victorian era the railways branched out. A line extended the ten miles to central London, connecting the town to the capital in 1847. This triggered development and led to the creation of many large homes.

Before the development Wallington was famous for its lavender fields. Many of them became housing but some reminders of the industrial past still exist, including an 18ft tall sculpture. A 25-acre field of the flower was also planted in neighbouring Banstead.

Spacious homes

The great thing about the town is it still has the suburban feel. Neighbours such as Sutton and Croydon are more popular so they have seen more development. As a result homes tend to have more space and lower prices.

Wallington is popular with different buyers. Families are happy about the space, potential for expansion, and the fact that there are three grammar schools in the local area. Commuters can use the train line to travel into Central London. Not surprisingly this makes home around the station very valuable.

Fantastic amenities

There are plenty of good amenities in the area for residents to enjoy. Although the town is suburban there are some good shops, restaurants, and pubs. The open space is the real selling point though. Beddington Park is hundreds of years old and has undergone large scale restoration. This created facilities such as sports pitches, an outdoor gym, and a playground.

Investors should definitely consider Wallington. As mentioned it offers lowers costs than its neighbours and has good demand from families and commuters. This can translate to the potential for tenants and capital gains.

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