Where in London can you find homes with gardens?

Finefair has the skills to manage all kinds of properties in London, including family homes with gardens. Our services are flexible and can also include all kinds of maintenance. We have such a great reputation that we are the best for property management Bexley has.

Property management BexleyMany people want a home with a garden or some other kind of external space. Sadly there are parts of the country where it is difficult to find them. HouseSimple recently found that six in ten properties for sale in London have no garden. This is a stark contrast to Grimsby where 90.7% of homes have gardens.

Luckily London is a large city and has plenty of different areas to choose from. While some only have a few homes with gardens, there are others that have a large number. Bexley is the top area in this regard. According to the data 85.7% of homes for sale have some kind of garden.


Homes in London with gardens have good investment potential for several reasons. For one buyers and tenants love having these spaces so they have private exterior space for relaxing, hobbies like gardening, or for their children to play in. In addition in many cases this space can be suitable for building new homes. Lots of property owners have already done this, especially in areas with high demand and limited space. This kind of project can really pay off.

If you are looking for homes with big gardens it is wise to target older properties in established areas. It is becoming more of a norm to see new builds with smaller gardens so that more homes can fit on a plot. Therefore you are less likely to find the kind of home you want in these developments.

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