Westminster Council is rectifying the borough’s issues

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A new Urban Plan

property management City of WestminsterWestminster is a place that is in need of a makeover. Fortunately, the council seems to be stepping up to the task. They are pledging to rectify the issues with a brand new urban plan. The blueprint is called City for All. It is going to take effect from January 2020.

The proposal includes a ban on mega-basement super mansions. There shall be a curb on new skyscrapers too. Foreign investors are often fond of the former. The goal here is to restore Westminster to small businesses and middle-income families.

The city council is also pledging to construct 1,495 new homes each year. This is for the next ten years. They want to prioritise houses for what they call the squeezed middle. Additionally, they wish to reject planning applications to merge structures that create huge single homes. The reason for this is that in many cases these homes end up empty.

Size restrictions

The council plans also want to block planning permission for more private properties. They want to put a limit of 200sq/m on new constructs. These size restrictions are going to help the council make certain that they make the most of the available space. Furthermore, they are aware they must supply homes for police, teachers, nurses, and other workers too.

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