New flats focusing on outdoor space located in Croydon

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Focusing on outdoor space

There are new apartments in Croydon that have roof gardens, natural planting, and outdoor space. The aim is that all of this will promote wellbeing. It has been shown that spending a minimum of 2 hours every week outside in a location that has natural planting positively impacts health. In fact, research from the University of Exeter Medical School suggests that this is the key to happiness.

Residents of Coppice Yard can easily adopt a green and healthier lifestyle. The Croydon scheme has 46 quality flats along with a community allotment and roof garden. In addition, there is a planted courtyard sanctuary as well as outdoor gym areas with fitness kit. The aim of the landscape designer was to create a green hidden oasis that uses modern architecture.

This is a low-rise project that is a welcome change from the sterile towers you can find in the town centre of Croydon. The homes have balconies that are rather generous and use glass balustrades, as well as full-height glazing. This makes them bright and airy.

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