Wembley’s new 450-home scheme has been called in

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Robert Jenrick, the Housing Secretary, has called in the plans by TateHindle for 454 homes near Wembley Park Stadium. This move overrules the planning consent Brent Council gave in 2020. The scheme would aim to redevelop the car park at the station. It is being done by joint developers Barratt London and TfL. They want to build five blocks that would be between 13 and 21 storeys tall. A podium on the first floor would connect the buildings.

Initial approval

Block management BrentThe planning committee on Brent Council approved the scheme unanimously at the end of 2020. However, Jenrick has now called it in. He told the council that he wants to hear about what the plans will do. Importantly, he wants to know if they will accord with the local development plan and conserve the historic environments. Also he wants to know if the proposal will be consistent with national housing policy and create a nice place.

The proposal includes 79 shared ownership homes and 73 affordable rent homes. This means around 40% of the residential part of the development is affordable. Furthermore, it would supply a new cafeteria and there would be new office space. The cafe is for the London Underground train crew. This would replace facilities presently in a small structure on the site, in addition to a 115m² café. Contact us for the finest block management Brent can provide.

Careful considerations

Before granting permission, Brent Council took a close look at the plans. There were some concerns with some details. Firstly, there was a worry that the new towers would be detrimental to the daylight levels of nearby properties. This is according to the planning report. They were taller than recommendations in the local plan. Although, it added that the massing and design was considered carefully. It was also backed by Greater London Authority planners, as well as Brent Council.

Another concern is that amenity spaces for new residents were beneath the predicted amount that Brent set out. But, it did note they were of decent quality, and the flats were going to be of very good light and outlook.

The application was able to attract 13 objections when the planning report got written. The senior developer at TfL Emma Hatch had some interesting comments. She says the proposals would make contributions to the ongoing Wembley regeneration. It would provide 454 quality homes that London desperately needs on the sustainable and accessible site. There will also be enhancements for the local community and a new retail opportunity.

One spokesperson said the planning committee on Brent Council unanimously agreed to give permission for this scheme. They did so after carefully thinking about the proposal against their policies.

It will be interesting to see what occurs now that the project has been called in. The Housing Secretary may decide to overrule the approval. This could mean the proposals have to go back to the drawing board. Or he may decide that the benefits outweigh the concerns and allow the work to go ahead.

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