Transforming your property into a HMO

When anybody invests in property, the ultimate aim is to make a profit and obtain the finest return on the investment they possibly can. For ten years now we have been assisting landlords and investors with their pursuit for long term prosperity and maximum returns. We have a wealth of experience and our expertise extends to every area of the property market. An incredibly beneficial option for all property investors to consider is the transformation of their properties in to hostels and HMOs. This offers significant opportunity to increase the value of the property as well as regular income.

A property such as a three-bedroom house is an ideal choice for HMO transformation. A house in multiple occupation comprises of separate occupants that share bathroom and kitchen facilities. It is the perfect way for investors and landlords to effectively multiply their income. Due to our specialised experience and knowledge in this area we can help you successfully embark on a HMO project and secure financial return. In some cases a property can be added to in order to increase its size and available living space which expands the building’s potential. One tenant is fine but consider the possibilities if you turn your property into a house that can accommodate three or four. We have successfully increased the incomes of all our clients by 5-15% by helping them with their HMO endeavours. An individual property of three bedrooms or more is essentially a potentially high yielding HMO opportunity just waiting to happen.

We also provide the option for guaranteed rent in Hillingdon and every other part of the capital. This scheme means you will be able to lease the property to us and pay no management or commission fees. The property will be comprehensively managed and you will incur no interruption to rental payments even when rooms stand vacant. You will be free of management duties, bills and licensing issues. In theory the purchase of a property for the purpose of HMO may seem like a huge undertaking, but that is why we are here. We have been at the forefront of the sector for a decade and we understand every intricacy and complexity. With the surge in people looking to rent in London, it is the ideal time to furnish yourself with an extremely lucrative and rewarding opportunity. If you wish to substantially improve the income generated by your current property or you are considering buying for the purposes of HMO profit then entrust your ambitions and investment properties to the number one choice for all landlords and investors in London.