Helping you with guaranteed rent

Kensington is an incredibly sought after area of London. Hosting a variety of attractions including the Natural History Museum, Kensington Palace, the Imperial College and the Royal Albert Hall, amongst others, it is an attractive area to settle in. Any landlord with property in this area can certainly make good money from prospective tenants. In order to maximise your profit and minimise your risk, however, it is worth turning to Finefair to provide you with a scheme for guaranteed rent.

What is guaranteed rent? Guaranteed rent is, essentially, a means of ensuring that you have a constant income from rent. Even if you have a tenant, failure to pay, disputes or delays in paying can set you back financially. With a guaranteed rent scheme, you will receive your rent on time, every time. In order to benefit from guaranteed rent, you need only lease your property with us from 1 to 10 years. Once your property is signed up to our scheme, your rent will be guaranteed. There are no risks of belated payments or even a lack of payment: Everything that you need will be completed by our team of experts.

So, why should you sign up with Finefair for guaranteed rent? Aside from guaranteeing you a consistent source of income from your Kensington property, there are a number of other attractive prospects to consider. You aren’t charged a penny to sign up with us, nor are you charged anything throughout the term. We take care of everything free of charge, from all necessary paperwork up to and including dealing with utility bills and more. We even arrange tenant viewings and help new tenants to move in. We also provide inspections and perform maintenance where necessary, ensuring that your property is maintained in pristine condition.

You decide how long you want to lease with us. When you sign with us, there are no worries and no hassles, just a consistent income. With demand for rental properties in London at an all time high, what better way to make money than to have your rent guaranteed? There is no shortage of tenants to let to, but reliability is a major concern. With Finefair, you no longer have to worry about receiving your rent as you will do so on the first Friday of every month without delay. If you would like more information about any of our services, from guaranteed rent in Kensington to help with council leasing in Havering, get in touch.