A modern alternative to pensions

An increasing number of people are turning to buy-to-let properties as an alternative, or sometimes even a complement, to their pension fund investments. In May of 2014, it was established that over £1,200 billion has been invested into properties bought with the intent of leasing, and this number is fast approaching the value of the entire workforce’s pension savings. It’s easy to see why it’s becoming a popular choice for pensioners to have some extra income.

In 2015, changes to legislation that state how a pension fund can be used are predicted to increase the number of people choosing buy-to-let properties as a form of income. However, over 80% of people who opt for this have no experience whatsoever which means they could potentially run into some difficulties, placing their finances at risk. A lot of people aren’t receiving the help of a property management company either as they believe they will take a large commission, meaning their investment isn’t really worth it.

Here at Finefair, we offer an alternative; guaranteed rent, which comes complete with full property or block management in Harrow and all other areas of the capital. This way, you’ll receive a regular and predictable monthly income and you’ll never even have to worry about any of the management. We’re experienced professionals and know what it takes to invest in property. We are committed to helping people make the most of their returns. You can have confidence in us to offer a quality service.