Helping your employees to relocate

We are a highly experienced company that understands the varied needs of people. Our valued clients need a personalised service that specifically delivers the focused support they are looking for, and after ten years of constructing the most comprehensive packages available in the property sector, we are perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of each and every individual.

There are many different landlords, investors and tenants. We know that generic service is insufficient and we are the experts in separating our clients and treating every case as individual. When tenants search for a property investment in Hounslow or any other part of the capital, we know they can face an uphill struggle to find the perfect potential home. We offer full and unfaltering support to all tenants that require help with relocation.

We have vast experience with supporting people that have been transferred from other countries by their companies. Foreign expatriates can find relocation to the UK challenging, but it is our responsibility to make the transition as smooth as possible. We successfully support expatriates with the acquisition of suitable properties that are close to their new place of work. It has been our pleasure to successfully manage many personal relocations. We believe in communicating closely with the company in question to ensure that every need of the organisation and employee is met. Personal relocation from abroad is a major undertaking for employees and businesses, and we understand the complexities that can be involved. We take care of every element with every landlord to make things as easy as possible for all parties.

We have many long standing, successful relationships and firmly established contracts with major corporate blue chip clients. These particular clients consistently seek suitable properties throughout London and the rest of the UK in order to provide their employees with a place to live. It is common practice to enter into a 12 month professional company let in the company name and typically there will be a six month break clause present. If an Assured Short hold Tenancy is the preference this option is also available. In this case the individual that resides in the property is classed as the tenant rather than the company.

We can efficiently execute every aspect of the property industry and our dedication to always providing a trouble free tenancy for all landlords and investors has ensured our position as the finest of the property management companies in the City of London. We are the preferred choice as every client has complete confidence in the fact that we can take perfect care of their properties.