Tower Hamlets properties are ideal for those looking to invest

We at Finefair are proud of our status as the leading professional property management company in 21st Century London. Our forward thinking strategies, perfectly suited to the nature of this famous and celebrated city, sees us being honoured to be the number one choice for property services by residents and investors. Of the vast range of services we provide, we have experienced great success with the introduction of guaranteed rent Tower Hamlets and surrounding areas offer in respect of properties.

Tower Hamlets is one of the most sought after areas in London for property. This is in respect of both residential and business premises, reflecting the vibrant, cosmopolitan nature of the borough. People who own properties in the Tower Hamlets area are in a fortunate position where they can ensure guaranteed returns on their investment by using our innovative guaranteed rent services. Our position as the preferred and trusted supplier of the Local Authorities in the area enables us to provide this service to you with none of the management fees or commission rates usually associated with property management, meaning we at Finefair are always assured of working to maximise your potential income and earnings from property.

Whether you are the owner of one or several properties, our services to provide guaranteed rent in Tower Hamlets enables you to increase the potential for profit from your portfolio. Our services will see a dedicated account handler put in charge of your property. We have specialists in managing all properties, from studio apartments and houses through to tower blocks and large numbers of flats. We ensure that comprehensive management and maintenance is in place for all properties we manage, meaning you can take a “hands off” approach to your property. With the comfort of knowing our professionals are dedicated to delivering the maximum returns on your investment, you will have the freedom to use time and resources on other matters important to you.

The guaranteed rent Tower Hamlets properties enjoy from the services of Finefair are unconditional. This means that we ensure that the rental income is guaranteed and assured from the moment you enter into an agreement with us, whether the property is occupied or not. We also offer the flexibility of terms to accommodate your requirements in an agreement, whether you need a short or long term guaranteed rental service in place.

We at Finefair work closely with the authorities and leasers to ensure all matters regarding renting your property are addressed. Our service strives to ensure you the maximum benefit from your property with the minimum of input.