Let us offer a guaranteed rent scheme for your Lewisham property

The district of Lewisham, with its well-known connectivity to Canary Wharf and the centre of London, is a location renowned for attracting astute investors seeking to either start or expand their property portfolio. Finefair are a company that helps those with properties gain full advantage of their investment with our provision of guaranteed rent Lewisham services.

Our property management services have become one of London’s leading lights in the 21st Century, something that has seen us be awarded the prestigious status of the preferred and chosen supplier of services by the Local Authority. This position allows for us to provide a unique service in the field of guaranteed rental income. Our services are provided with none of the standard management fees and zero commission rates that you might expect. This is something that allows us at Finefair to ensure you always get the maximum benefit the guaranteed rent Lewisham properties can afford.

There is also no condition or limitation factors on the guaranteed rental services we provide. Our placement as a preferred supplier means that we are able to offer you guaranteed rental at the agreed rate that does not relate to occupancy. Whether your premises are occupied or not we ensure that the rental income is paid over to you as per the agreement you enter into with us. This is rental income that you are entitled to from the start of our relationship, with the first payment usually being processed to your account within the first few days of our agreement coming into effect.

Protection of your property is as vital to us as it is to you. Presently we manage some £500million in value of flats, apartments, houses and offices around London, all of which are subject to regular and thorough checks and evaluations. We undertake, as part of our agreement, to carry out any required maintenance and repair work, ensuring that your property is looked after as you would expect and avoiding any unnecessary loss to the value if your investment.

Our prime position as the best and most trusted providers of guaranteed rent Lewisham property owners can call on the services of will help you in making the maximum returns on your investment with the minimal of input. We will handle all administrative, billing and maintenance requirements around your property, ensuring that you are free to focus on other important matters whilst benefiting from your investment working for you.