Newham provides a comfortable place for tenants to live

One of the many endearing and positive legacies of the London 2012 Olympic Games has been a renewal of the interest and popularity of the borough of Newham. This has naturally lead to an increase in demand for property in the area, with Newham property owners having never before seen potential for prosperity. We at Finefair have become leaders in ensuring this potential is met, with our guaranteed rent Newham services and expertise.

With the full backing and support you would expect from us being the chosen, preferred supplier of services by the Local Authority, our guaranteed rental income agreements are presented, beneficially and perhaps uniquely, with none of the management fees and none of the commission charges you might associate or expect with professional property management services. Our prime position as the preferred property managers for the borough mean that we can deliver our professional services with a minimal cost to ensure you reap maximum benefit.

Our team of dedicated experts are well versed and familiar with the special property needs and requirements across all 14 square miles of the vibrant borough of Newham. Few are in a position to know the area to the level we do, which allows for us to give the right and appropriate level of maintenance and management required from properties in the area. We ensure that the property, whether it is a flat, studio apartment, tower block or house, is frequently and thoroughly inspected, meeting all repair and maintenance requirements to ensure your investment never needlessly loses value.

An important factor of the guaranteed rent Newham properties generate through our services is that the rental income is unconditional. As soon as you enter into an agreement with us we really do mean that the rent is guaranteed. Whether your property is occupied or not you will receive the agreed monthly rental income, usually within a small number of days of our agreement coming in to effect.

Finefair deliver a flexible, beneficial and much sought after service to property owners in and around the borough of Newham. Our management expertise and knowledge mean that we can provide a total management solution, allowing you to take a “hands free” approach to your valuable investment whilst still gaining the maximum benefit and returns from it. As the young and vibrant population of Newham continues to grow, now is the optimal opportunity to trust property professionals with your portfolio to gain the guaranteed rental returns you intended with your investment.