A guaranteed rent scheme could hold the key to future financial planning

In the unpredictable world of property the idea of sustaining a guaranteed income from letting your property investment may seem plausible but with a Finefair guaranteed rent scheme that possibility becomes a definite reality. We offer a scheme that provides you with a guaranteed regular income from your property and the peace of mind you desire.

Guaranteed rent in Brent gives you all the valuable freedom you need to dedicate your time to your busy life and have the confidence that all your rental property needs are being met by accomplished and experienced professionals. We at Finefair guarantee you regular monthly payments which will not cease should your property be without a tenant at any time. Your payments are ensured and they will commence one day after you sign up for the scheme. We take care of the viewing arrangements, the paperwork, the council tax and every other aspect. You need do nothing except relax and enjoy your stress free scheme and your regular payments.

These schemes are very popular with all kinds of property owners as they simply offer complete peace of mind and total financial security. We are the preferred choice of landlords and investors and as a result we make absolutely no charge for the rent scheme. For all the time you participate in a Finefair guaranteed rent scheme you will be charged 0% commission and absolutely no management fees. You begin to benefit from our scheme as soon as you sign up. Our expertise and experience ensures we achieve the highest possible rent for your property and you will never have to deal with tenants.

The guaranteed rent scheme offers every possible advantage you need as an investor. You do not need to worry about maintenance of your property as we perform regular and routine inspections. Furthermore, we cover the cost of any damage so you can be completely confident that we are dedicated to maintaining your property to the highest possible standard.

A fixed term is offered between one year and ten and if you decide to sell after one year you resume full ownership of your property and we guarantee it will be returned to you in the original condition.

The guaranteed rent scheme encapsulates everything you need for a convenient stress free life with a monthly payment.

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