The Whitechapel Vision and local property investment

If you are thinking about property investment Tower Hamlets has lots to offer. Values are more affordable than some other central areas and the closeness to the City and Canary Wharf is great. There is also the fact that house prices here rose slightly in October.

Whitechapel is one of the most famous areas in Tower Hamlets. Sadly it is still an area that struggles with its reputation. The local council is working to improve this though. They have ambitious plans to transform the area.

The Whitechapel Vision

The masterplan for the area is really impressive and would completely transform it. There are a number of fantastic headline developments, including the creation of 3,500 new homes by 2025. The aim is for many of them to be family as well as affordable homes. This would make the area a far more attractive place for buyers.

The plan also calls for improvements to the environment. Firstly there would be seven new public squares and open spaces. In addition the council want to create a green spine between Whitechapel Road and Commercial Road. This would be beneficial for two reasons; it would make it easier for people to move around and would also further improve the streetscape.

There are lots of other new developments too including:

  • The new £300million Life Sciences research campus
  • A new town hall in the Royal London Hospital
  • Streets improvements to make them safer as well as cleaner
  • To expand and also improve the street market
  • A new cultural centre that also offers community facilities
  • Up to 5,000 new jobs in the area

On top of all this the Elizabeth Line will be up and running next year. Although it is struggling with delays, services plan to be up and running next autumn. The local station is getting improvements in the lead up to this.

All of this work could make more people look at the opportunities for property investment Tower Hamlets has to offer. Finefair is here to help with this, working with all kinds of investors. We have lots of knowledge and provide many useful services for landlords. This includes guaranteed rent and property management.

To learn more about the area and our services, speak to our team. Property investment is an area we excel at so rely on us.