A type of property in big demand

Most landlords will worry about losses at least once. It is very difficult to avoid a period when the property is empty and rent is not being paid. There is a solution though; the best guaranteed rent Sutton has to offer. With Finefair you have peace of mind and get a set income regardless of the tenancy status.

Across the UK you can find a wide array of different types of home. There are terraces, detached manors, cottages, flats and apartments, and even houseboats. One of the most popular types is rectories. These former vicarages or parsonages tick all the right boxes for many people. For example they tend to be spacious and also have plenty of great features. In addition most have land around them.


Something many people are looking for when they buy a home is a bit of history. This is why homes with a great story tend to have a premium. Period properties can also be very valuable, especially if they have original features. Think about Tudor homes with the wooden beams or Victorian properties with timber wrap-around porches.

Rectories can have more history than most buildings. In many cases they were once the heart of a community. The majority of them will have original features and lots of character.


The average price for a rectory in September 2018 was over £1.3million. While this is a huge sum, keep in mind these properties generally have four or more bedrooms and multiple reception rooms. They make perfect large family homes or can be split into separate apartments.

The cost per square metre with rectories makes them very attractive. If you take the average sale price and the size, they generally offer around £261 per square foot. This is lower than you would expect to pay for a manor house, a cottage, or a farmhouse.

A turn off

One thing to be aware of is there are some things about older homes that can turn off some buyers. The big one is a downstairs bathroom. This can knock as much as £13,000 off the sale price.

There are plenty of rectories across London. Many are hallmarks of the time before rapid urbanisation that swallowed up many of the smaller villages and towns. These properties can offer a lot of value.

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