Reconfiguring luxury flats

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There are lots of projects in London aiming to create more affordable housing. One of the most interesting ones involves reconfiguring unsold luxury flats. Many of these properties remain empty because the high asking prices deter buyers. Rather than leave them empty though, some developers are looking at a different option. By slicing some of them in half, they not only create more homes but also bring down the price.


One of the big reasons people like living in modern luxury apartment blocks is that they tend to have amenities. This could include things like a concierge, gym, or roof terraces. These facilities could be very attractive to first time buyers, especially if the homes are high quality and more affordable.

Shard Place

One project where the developer is splitting up homes is Shard Place in Southwark. The local council has given approval to the plan. Originally there would have been 148 flats. A difficult sales market has led to reconsideration of the layout. Now many duplexes will be split up into one bedroom flats. As a result there will no long be any four bedroom homes but there will be 176 in total.

More developers will likely consider the strategy of splitting up unsold homes. There is a lot of focus on appealing to the first time buyer market because it is larger than the prime.

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