Buying in Waltham Forest in 2019

With 2018 coming to an end property buyers are looking ahead to see which areas offer the best potential for 2019. This is very important, especially with the current political situation. One location with lots to offer is Waltham Forest. It has a unique feel and remains one of the most affordable Boroughs. As the leading name for property management Waltham Forest has, we can offer lots of information about why the location is so good.


Everybody wants to live somewhere with a great community spirit. The thing about this part of London is that it combines a creative vibe with a family feel. Few areas tick the right boxes to attract these two groups.

The Borough, including hotspot areas like Walthamstow, is really supportive of independent businesses. This is a hallmark of a strong community and also indicates that the area is prosperous. Whether it is cafes, restaurants, or shops, they support each other and ensure that local people benefit.

High Employment

Another major thing that makes Waltham Forest stand out is the high employment rate. It is a great 75.8%, higher than the average for London. This is another indicator that the area is prosperous. Lots of people are moving to the Borough with the dream of starting their own business. These start-ups can help to create even more jobs in the area.


The area couldn’t be much better. It combines urban with rural, offering plenty of amenities plus open spaces. There are good transport links and people living in the area can get to the City and Canary Wharf with ease. The south of the Borough is benefiting from investments in Stratford too.

Finefair can provide recommendations for all kinds of buyers. Our services are first rate and we always offer friendly support. In terms of property management Waltham Forest has nobody better. We go one step further though, offering maintenance and help with guaranteed rent.

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