The UK tech sector is still expanding

Finefair keeps an eye on hotspots in London. Tech City is currently one of the hottest in the whole country. Continuous demand from businesses, including new start-ups, keeps pushing the area forward. Huge numbers of people want to live and work here. As a result there are plenty of opportunities for investment. As the top name for investor services, including the best council leasing Hackney can offer, we give you the help you need.

What started the growth?

Hackney was really rewarded for its location. Close proximity to hotspots like Shoreditch and the commercial centres in the City and Canary Wharf made it a great destination. Prices here were cheaper than these established areas.

Old Street has become a hotbed for tech businesses in the last decade. It is now one of the leading destinations in the world for technology. In fact, according to the 2018 Tech Nation report, only Silicon Valley in California, US has a tech eco-system with better connectivity.

Which locations are the best?

In Hackney there are a number of areas that are now very popular. Dalston tops the list for businesspeople. Whether they work in the tech industry, finance, or another field, the area has lots to offer. It is still quite affordable and has lots of amenities, including good transport links.

Hoxton and Stratford are also very popular. A highlight in the latter is Here East. The data centre has expanded far beyond its original intent. The building has a range of commercial spaces to suit small and large businesses alike. In addition there are eateries, cafes, and flexible public spaces. The idea is to make it so tech and creative companies can work and grow together.

The tech industry is currently expanding faster than any other part of the UK economy. It shows no sign of slowing down either because of further investment. Investors may therefore have plenty of opportunities.

If you are planning a purchase we can help. The Finefair team have lots of experience and assist you from start to finish. Our support reduces the risk of missteps. It also ensures great ongoing services, including the best council leasing Hackney has to offer.

We recommend you discuss your needs with our team to see exactly how much value we can provide.