High-end homes for the former Fulham gasworks site

When looking for guaranteed rent Hammersmith and Fulham clients need to know that they can always come to us. We provide landlords with peace of mind and support along with the services that make their life simpler. London is full of marvellous properties and developments. One example of this is going on at the Fulham gasworks site.

Brand New Upscale Homes

The plan is that the land will get new use thanks to a multi-billion pound makeover. The aim is to turn this riverside land at Sands End, Fulham into a great place to be. Sadly the development will take almost another 20 years.

At the start of 2019, work will commence for approximately 2,000 new homes on the derelict site. The plan for these riverside properties includes a food bank, youth club and also allotments. One of the great things about the housing is that a third of them will be “affordable”.

Details Of What It Involves

The location of the homes will be in a collection of towers ranging up to 37 stories. The schedule involves a completion date for summer 2036. It is one of many developments that are happening along the river in south west London. On what was once a vast industrial site, there are tens of thousands of homes under construction. This includes the revival of Lots Road Power Station in and around Chelsea Creek. This is joining other schemes like Imperial Wharf and Chelsea Harbour.

The Old Gas Works is now closed with plans to demolish all but one of the buildings. This is because the gas holder on the 16-acre Imperial Road site is Grade II* listed with claims that it is the oldest in the world. As a result, renovations will leave it as a centrepiece to a public park.

Homes for locals

Being classified as “affordable” means that 646 of the homes will be ring-fenced. This is for people buying for the first time as well as for priced-out local renters. The rest of the shared-ownership homes will have a target of those with higher incomes.

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