Britain’s worst landlord?

Finefair understands what it takes to be a good landlord. We help investors to do just that with our range of management services. In addition we provide guaranteed rent to help people in London get a stable income. If you are thinking about property investment Haringey has no better team to work with.

What makes a bad landlord?

It is the responsibility of the landlord or managing agent to protect tenants. They must ensure the properties are safe to inhabit, keeping on top of maintenance and repairs. On top of this they also have to comply with their end of the tenancy agreement.

If landlords fail to meet their obligations they can face fines and unhappy tenants. Local councils are doing more to pursue and punish rogues. As a result there is a higher risk if you are not doing what you should be.

The worst in Britain?

In 2014 property owner Katia Goremsandu had seven convictions for issues with her investment properties. This number has now risen to over 60, making her the worst offending landlord in Britain.

Sadly this case shows that even a conviction and fine may not deter the worst offenders. Although her convictions add up to 143,709.12 in penalties local councils had no power to order her to sell properties to pay them. In fact Goremsandu was able to agree a payment plan where she pays £1,000 per month. As a result it will take 9 years for the outstanding fines to be paid off.

In addition to the time it will take to pay the fine in full, Goremsandu is still able to make a rental income from her multi-million pound portfolio. While she is banned from managing properties for ten years, she can deal with an agent. She allegedly earns over £100,000 per year in rental income.

Rely on a professional

If you are a landlord and want an easy way to meet your obligations Finefair can help. We set high standards and also work hard to ensure tenants are happy. We can even help clients to look at the opportunities for property investment Haringey and other areas in London can offer.

To find out more about our services visit our website or contact us and talk to the team. We are always approachable and care about each of our clients.