The power of a single planning decision

Gidea Park is home to some of the most attractive investment properties Havering has to offer. It is a residential area that was once known as a garden suburb. There are plenty of beautiful homes. This includes cottages and houses originally designed for a town planning competition. In addition Crossrail will arrive in 2019, giving locals even more transport links.

A notable planning decision

It could all have been much different for Gidea Park though. In 1919 Stafford Allen & Sons bought a 13 acre site in the area a short distance from the local train station. The plan was to build a new factory for producing oils from sandalwood and spices. Consequently, this would have resulted in a lot of new jobs.

Local politician Lord O’Hagan was in support of the project. The oil producer was happy to progress with the work, ordering steel to begin the construction of the factory. They felt the council was behind the development. A number of locals were in opposition though. This is because they didn’t want to risk the factory affecting the value of their homes, especially the elegant ones close to the station. There were particular concerns about the awful smells resulting from the oil production.

The local council eventually made the decision to invoke the Town Planning Act 1909. As a result Gidea Park became an exclusive housing zone. Although there was an appeal, a public enquiry ended with the zoning decision standing.

Allen & Sons chose a site in nearby Ardleigh Green instead. This location also offered easy access to the train lines. As a result their oils were sold all around the world. The factory was sold in 1936 though and today it is Stafford Industrial Estate.

Gidea Park on the other hand saw rapid development in the 1920s and remains a leafy suburb to this day. It could have been much different if not for the planning decision.


If you are looking for the most attractive investment properties Havering has to offer, this is a location worth examining. It is a peaceful, green residential area with plenty of amenities. Finefair is happy to support any investor looking to purchase here or in the neighbouring areas. We are a friendly team and work to ensure every client is confident.

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