Planning to improve a property?

With rising housing prices many people are looking to improve their current homes rather than moving. Investors are also looking to do up properties that they can sell on for a healthy profit or let out for a nice yield.

The popularity of improving properties is clear in figures from a survey by Everest. They found that across England in the year to September 2017 there were 476,300 applications for planning permission. Of that number an incredible 88% got approval. This is a rise from 82%.

Why is permission typically denied?

The figures still show that 12% of applicants struggle to get permission. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. The most common ones are:

Overlooking and loss of privacy (42% of applicants struggle with them)
Overshadowing and loss of light (25%)
Parking disruption (16%)

In addition to this 35% of people say their neighbours are not supportive of their plans. The objections can arise for the issues above as well as things like noise, dirt, and disruption. Consequently though, this does mean that 65% of neighbours are willing to support plans.

Location matters

There are some areas in the UK where it is much easier to get permission than others. Data from the Department for Communities and Local Government put this into perspective. For example 99% of applications in the City of London get approval. Harrow on the other hand only had 54%. Beyond the capital Wigan in the North West had 98% and Hartlepool in the North East had 96%.

At Finefair we offer our services across London. We excel in a number of areas because our team have extensive experience and strive to achieve great standards. One thing we can provide is the very best block management Hillingdon has to offer. This is a wonderful location with plenty of great opportunities. Sadly it is also an area where planning approval may be difficult to gain. According to the data just 61% of proposals are approved.

Developing blocks of properties can be challenging due to the scale of the work. Fortunately we have the management skills to help. We also work with a large number of professionals to ensure we maximise quality with property maintenance.

If you would like to discuss block management Hillingdon has no better team to speak with. Contact us today.