The most interesting facts about Hounslow

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Hounslow could have been your home only a few months or your entire life. Regardless, it’s not likely that you know all of the interesting facts about it. The West London borough has an impressive amount of history. Below, we have listed some of the most engrossing facts you can find.

Rock royalty

To begin with, it’s the home of Queen. The late frontman Freddie Mercury resided at his family’s house in Feltham. Additionally, the We Are The Champions singer moved to Hounslow from Zanzibar at the age of 17. Finally, Mercury first met Roger Taylor and Brian May at Ealing College of Art.

Feel like a real star

Hounslow is also a great place to be if you wish to feel like a star. The people behind Vanity Fair filmed it at Chiswick House. They took full advantage of the romantic grounds. Various Hollywood celebrities visited the 18th century villa during filming. If you want to feel like you belong to a movie too, then this is where you need to be.


Anyone who’s a fan of snakes will be happy to hear that Hounslow is home to many reptiles. You’re not going to witness any boa constrictors travelling down the high street however. They are all safely nestled at a farm in Feltham. Hounslow Urban Farm is home to more than just snakes though. There are pigs, ducks, tortoises, bearded dragons, and donkeys.

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