The warehouse conversion capital of Clerkenwell

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Clerkenwell is an area that belongs to the Borough of Islington. It resides right next door to the City. However, in contrast to it, architects constructed Clerkenwell around monastic settlement ruins. It has plenty of alleys with traditional cobbles. There are lots of old warehouses too. Once upon a time, lost industries and trades set up shop here.

Housing mix

In terms of property, Victorian and Georgian houses occupy Sekforde Street and Britton Street. There are also some at Northampton Square and Myddelton Square.

What Clerkenwell is really famous for though is its pioneering of warehouse conversions. Residents bought these lofts two decades ago for roughly £200,000. Now, they live somewhere that’s worth around £3million.

Furthermore, there is social housing. One of the most notable is the listed Bourne Estate of Edwardian tenements. You can locate these between Clerkenwell Road and Leather Lane.

Is anything new coming?

There are also plenty of new additions coming to Clerkenwell. In fact, it will experience its biggest development ever. This shall take place on a section of what was the Royal Mail Mount Pleasant sorting office. Taylor Wimpey got the site in 2017 for £193.5million. They have planning permission to create a mixed-use scheme of 681 new homes, shops, and offices as well. In addition, on the Barts Square patchwork development, Helical is creating one, two, and three bedroom flats. They’re producing 236 studios too.

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