The history of Berrylands

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Berrylands is a residential suburb that is popular with commuters. There are plenty of 1930s homes in the area, the majority of which are semi-detached. There are some larger houses too, as well as flats. As a result the area is perfect for professionals and families. In the 2011 Census the number of one-person households in the area was very high, especially for a suburban setting.

The reason commuters love the area is it has good transport links to Central London. There are several bus services to choose from. The fastest way to the city centre is train; it takes under half an hour to reach Waterloo from Berrylands Station.

An interesting history

The most amazing thing about Berrylands is it was a major area for dairy farming. Originally the entire district was farmland. As nearby Surbiton grew in the 19th century, the land had to support a large herd of cattle. In the 1840s the arrival of the railway brought even more opportunities because the milk could quickly travel into the centre of London.

The Berrylands Dairy was established in the area in 1840. House building in the 20th century sadly reduced the amount of land that was available for the herd. Eventually the cattle were all sold and the former farmland was homes. The original archway for the dairy is now part of a Victorian building on Ewell Road in Surbiton.


Kington Upon Thames is quite a special Borough because it is combines rural and urban. There are plenty of parks and green spaces in the area but also an array of good amenities. Berrylands is one of the best residential areas here, offering good prices and attractive housing stock.

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