Living in Grove Park, Lewisham

Grove Park is an area of Lewisham with plenty to offer. There are lots of beautiful meadows, woodland, and parks around the district. As a result people who love the outdoors have a lot to do and the air quality is very good. In addition there are good amenities, including pubs, restaurants, and sporting facilities. Finefair is proud to work with landlords in the area, giving them access to the best block management Lewisham has to offer.


The area was home to a number of Celtic settlements but it remained mostly woodland and farms until the 18th century. The expansion of London resulted in development. As a result a number of the woods were cleared for housing. The railway arrived in the 19th century and the station became the focal point of the area.

A 10 acre site in the area became the home of a workhouse. Construction began in 1899 and was complete in 1902. In 1914 the British Army requisitioned the building and it transformed into a training camp. The building eventually became Grove Park Hospital, offering treatment for TB sufferers and other thoracic problems. The hospital closed in 1994 and the site was redeveloped. Only a handful of the buildings remain.


Grove Park is a popular area for renting. Prices are more affordable than other areas in the capital, giving people the chance to rent and save for a deposit. Homes can be really good investments because of the demand. Renters appreciate the fact that the local train station allows them to reach Canary Wharf in around 35 minutes and London Bridge in under 40 minutes.

Finefair is on hand to help investors who want to invest in homes in the area. We provide a range of services, managing different types of property and also guaranteeing rent. We can scale a service to suit any needs, including offering the very best block management Lewisham has to offer.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch with our team. We can provide information and give you confidence you have the right service.