The Camden to King’s Cross Highline

Finefair offers a unique service that can benefit landlords, the local authority and people who need social housing. With our council leasing Camden homes can go to the people that need them the most. The owner gets the assurance of a set income for the duration and no void periods. It is definitely an option worth thinking about.

A new linear park

Green spaces are very valuable in London. This is an idea the Mayor shares. He believes that people should live within 440 yards of a piece of open space. Unfortunately many people in the city live much further away. This is particularly true in some central areas. Plans to create more parks could help to reduce this number though.

One of the most interesting ideas is to create a linear park on the stretch of disused railway line between Camden and King’s Cross. The infrastructure has been out of use for over thirty years, wasting a big stretch of land. The idea is to regenerate it, creating a Highline similar to the famous one in New York. If it goes ahead it would be a new 1,300 yard long stretch of greenery.

The benefits

If the project secures funding and permission it could provide many benefits. Firstly, 10,000 people across the local areas would be within touching distance of a new open space. Secondly, it would regenerate the area, giving new life to a piece of Brownfield land and creating a new fast pedestrian route. Finally, it would become a tourist attraction like the Highline in New York. This would provide more economic benefits for the area.

The Mayor of London gave the project his support. Many locals would also love to see a new park and all the advantages it could offer. There are struggles to gain the necessary funding though. It will be interesting to see if the plan can move forward in the future and secure the money it needs.

This potential new development for Camden could be another attractive thing for the area. It could in turn make even more people want to live here. This may increase demand for housing. Finefair will be happy to offer services to landlords in the area. We urge everyone to consider us and the best council leasing Camden can offer.

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