A successful appeal

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The Glassworks

London Green is a property developer that specialises in the conversion of old commercial spaces into modern homes. They have projects across the capital, ranging in size from small plots to developments with hundreds of new units.

One of the newest projects for the company is the Glassworks in Bromley. The project involves the conversion of two buildings, an old office and a former warehouse. In total the plan will create 28 apartments. In addition there will be new facades and a roof terrace.


The thing that is so interesting about this new development is that it almost never happened. The first proposal to develop the old warehouse was blocked by the local authority. The developer launched an appeal and the inspector granted permission. The same happened with the office with approval earned following an appeal.

Work on the site may begin before the end of 2018. The new homes could prove to be very popular because of the attractive location. Bromley also has some of the most affordable prices in the whole of London. As a result there may be a lot of interest from first time buyers.

The project above shows how important it is to understand the appeal process. Appeals may be successful or lead to changes in a proposal so it can earn permission.

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