The best hilltop view in London

London is home to lots of wonderful parks and green spaces. Some of them have fantastic views that locals love. Homes in these areas are therefore in high demand and can come at a premium. As a result they can have great investment potential. At Finefair we can help people to find these properties and provide lots of useful services. This includes the most reliable estate management Greenwich has to offer.

A day at the park

The great thing about the parks in London is they are all unique. There are spaces with an incredible history and others that are newer but full of facilities. Then there are some with hills and stunning views across the city. Below we look at some of the best places to visit if you want a good view.

Richmond Park has such amazing views from its high points that there is a law in place that new buildings cannot spoil the vista. On a nice clear day you can therefore see all the way to St Paul’s Cathedral and beyond.

Regent’s Park has some amazing views but Primrose Hill is even better. This is another area where the sightlines to St Paul’s have protection. A lot of work goes in to keeping trees cut in the area so they do not get in the way of the view.

Alexandra Palace Park has great views of the towers in Central London and is a third park with protected views of the Cathedral. What makes it stand out is the wonderful calendar of events, from concerts to sports and fireworks.

The best views

Estate management GreenwichGreenwich Park is the runaway favourite if you want a park with an incredible view. It is a panoramic spot perfectly placed so you can sit and see Central London, the Thames, the O2 and more. There are lots of attractions in the park as well as good chances to spot wildlife. With around 5 million people visiting every year, it is a very popular space.

If you invest in a property close to a park and need a reliable service, choose us. Finefair has a great reputation and handles any requirements. For example we are easily the best name for estate management Greenwich has. Whether it is a handful of homes or hundreds, we can manage them for you. Just get in touch with us to find out more.