Will technology replace property managers?

We, as the number one name for property management in Kensington and Chelsea, use our extensive experience to ensure we’re ready for the challenges and changes that are yet to come. There’s one change coming at the moment which many believe might well make the work of property managers obsolete. That change is the increasing level of automation in smart homes.

It’s highly likely that you have read reports and articles about smart home systems, or indeed the “internet of things” which is behind the development. What this in short involves is the various features and appliances within a building being self-regulating, sending an alert as and when they detect a problem or require maintenance.

The idea that something within a house could arrange for itself to be fixed is an amazing one, and has many clear benefits. Whilst we understand how some can take the thinking behind this to the point where one wouldn’t need a property manager we genuinely don’t believe this will ever be the case. It’s rather more likely that the work we do with property portfolios is going to be enhanced to even greater levels.

As incredible and useful as smart home technology is, what you always have to bear in mind is that it’s reactive. This is to say that alerts are transmitted either after a problem has occurred or just shortly before something is going to go wrong. The technology also tends to look at aspects of a property in isolation rather than considering factors related to the whole home.

Our work as property managers in Kensington and Chelsea gives owners the certainty of comprehensive, proactive maintenance. It’s true that we do make use of the very latest in technology to carry out our services, but only in a way which works the best for you.

The trusted status we have for service excellence in property management has come from our ability to understand buildings as a whole, ensuring all matters and issues are addressed before they become problems. If you have any questions please contact us.