Surbiton in Kingston Upon Thames is an immensely popular area

Surbiton is proving to be one of the most popular destinations in the London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames. There is high demand for properties, both amongst buyers and renters, as a result of the array of wonderful benefits the area offers.

One of the biggest selling points for Surbiton is the quick commute to Waterloo. The trip takes between 15 and 18 minutes, allowing people to reach the centre of the city very quickly. Surprisingly this is faster than the commute in several more central areas including the very popular Putney and Southfields. Young professionals really love living in the area as a result.

The suburban nature of Surbiton makes it stand out from other commuter towns, including other areas in Kingston Upon Thames. The setting offers greenery and there are a number of beautiful Thames-side properties on offer. The housing mix cater for all kinds of requirements, with the only thing lacking being homes available to buy with shared ownership.

Families are well catered for in the area with great schools and good property sizes. There are even properties with sizeable gardens and a lot of outdoor space to play with. The largest can easily exceed 150 feet in length.

Rental demand in Surbiton and Kingston Upon Thames as a whole is very high due to the popularity of the area and the attractions on offer. In fact in a recent news story it was reported that rental supply in the Borough had dropped by 12.3% in October. This means there are good opportunities available for property owners looking to attract tenants.

At Finefair we have a highly experienced team to help clients with their property needs. We work as a lettings agent in Kingston Upon Thames as well as supporting buyers in the area. Whatever your needs you can call on us to learn more about the area, the property scene, and the opportunities that are on offer.